Spring One 2022

April 22 to April 24, 2022

Address: Camp Middlesex, 1031 Erickson Rd, Ashby, MA 01431

From points East/North

  • Take Route 2 towards Fitchburg.
  • Get off at Exit 32 for Route 13 North (1st exit after I-190 or last exit BEFORE I-190 if coming from Western Mass/Vermont).
  • The exit is for Leominster/Lunenburg – At end of ramp, take a right onto 13 North.
  • Go under train track bridge bear left (staying on 13 North).
  • You should pass old Whalom Park on your right.
  • When you come to a Walmart plaza, take a left onto route 2A, and follow road until you come to a big 4 way intersection with John Fitch Highway (you will see a Dunkin’ Donuts and Walgreens on your left).
  • Get into the far right lane, and take a right onto John Fitch Highway (it’s the name of the road) at this intersection.
  • Follow John Fitch for about 2 miles past a planetarium and baseball/hockey field until you come to an intersection with Ashby State Road (there is an ice cream/pizza place at this intersection)
  • Take a right onto Ashby State Road, and follow for about 5 miles, until it merges with 119. Just keep going staight!
  • On 119, you should go straight into Ashby center and should see a sign for Camp Middlesex across from the Ashby market.
  • Take a left onto South St. before Ashby market.
  • Take a left at the fork in the road. There should be a sharp curve in road after the fork.
  • Turn left at top of hill (Erickson Rd.) Drive slowly, because it comes up quickly, there will be a sign for Camp Middlesex here.
  • Follow the signs to park, and welcome to 4-H Camp Middlesex!

From points West

  • Take Route 2 east towards Boston
  • Get off at exit 24, Route 140 North
  • Turn left at the end of the exit ramp to go north on Route 140
  • Continue of Route 140 for about 3 miles, until you come up to a set of strobe red lights, this is Route 101
  • Turn right onto 101 and continue for about 5 miles into Ashburnham (you will go past a Mobil station, post office, and Cushing Academy).
  • Route 101 will stop in the center of Ashburnham, and you will turn right and then left, continuing on 101 until it meets 119 (about 8 miles).
  • Turn Right onto Route 119, and follow 119 for about 5 miles into the center of Ashby.
  • Take a Right onto South St. after the Ashby Market
  • Bear left at the fork in the road. There should be a sharp curve in the road after the fork.
  • Turn left at the top of the hill (Erickson Rd.) into Camp.

From points South

  • Take 84 East (Conn to Mass) to Mass Pike (90)
  • Take Mass Pike (90) East
  • Exit 10 off Mass Pike (I-395/Auburn/I-290/Worcester)
  • Merge onto I-290 Worcester (towards Worcester ~ 9 miles)
  • Exit 19-20 off I-290 (Towards I-190)
  • Merge onto I-190 North (~19 miles)
  • Rt. 2 West (only 1 exit to Rt. 32/13N)
  • Go to step 2 of the “From points East/West/North” directions above

Boston – Fitchburg Commuter Rail

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