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Today is Pinesday, the 17th day of Evren, year 819 of the Velliar Reckoning.

About 2 months until Fall One 2019.

The BGS deadline is in about 1 month.

Witchwood is an ongoing fantasy-adventure live-action roleplaying game founded in 2013.

4-H Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA is about an hour and 15 minutes north-west of Boston, MA.

The Witchwood forest was long kept from the world, until those who dwelt there were wracked by unending nightmares, bleeding green tears and going mad. Outsiders were invited into the woods to seek a cure. Though the sickness has ended, the port of Oak Harbor remains open. Dangers remain, along with wonders and opportunity. Read more about the World of Evren.

We offer deep immersion, extensive lore and mythos, and a strong sense of consistency. Witchwood is a "big tent" game that supports a variety of playstyles – proactive and reactive, competitive and cooperative, expressive and internal. Sometimes it is dark and scary, sometimes it is bright and happy. Sometimes it is sword-and-sorcery adventure, sometimes it is cloak-and-dagger intrigue, and sometimes it is the treachery and danger of eldritch horror.

There are many stories to create: some small and personal; some large in scope, big enough to sweep everyone into the struggle. Through it all, we maintain a commitment to a collaborative and respectful environment. Read more about our values.

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