What stories will be told among the trees?

Today is Maplesday, the 47th day of Umbra, year 818 of the Velliar Reckoning.

4 months until Spring One 2019.

The BGS deadline is in 4 months.

A new fantasy live-action roleplaying game that began in Spring, 2013! 4-H Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA is about an hour and 15 minutes north-west of Boston, MA.

Those who dwell in the Witchwood are wracked by unending nightmares. These dreams incite rage, turning friend against friend and disrupting the cycle of life and death. This forest has long been kept from the world, but it now entreats even outsiders: come to the woods and seek a cure for this curse. There are dangers, certainly, but when will such an opportunity come again to see the wonders of the Witchwood? Read more about the World of Evren.

We offer deep immersion, cohesive world design and open gameplay, along with a commitment to a collaborative and respectful environment. Read more about our values.

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