Spring Two 2020

June 5 to June 7, 2020

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  • Spring Two Pass (2020): $80

Who's Coming? (33) Amos Saggory, Anemone, Astrophel, Basil, Bianca, Caius Aldenberg, Colin, Dame Eleanora Felicity Bellweather, Dolan Cerik, Durand Nash, Elissandre Lee, Florica Petulengro, Kael Torren, Laurenzo Aldenberg, Leopold Aldenberg, Lesovik, Moravia "Lee" Lee, Nephros Iulius, Odelia ("Odie"), Omoira, Öykü, Palnaa, Rafael, Roderago Aldenberg, Romeo Forestcraft, Shambrin, Shane O'Bothar, Spira, Tess, Vaiatea, Winston Aldenberg di Ternacenti, Yngvar, and Zevvi.

Address: Camp Pomperaug


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