Our Values

We believe in fair play. The spirit of the rule is more important than the letter of the rule, but better still if the rule is clear and unambiguous.

We believe in community. Games are at their best when all participants strive to be helpful and to contribute to the success of the endeavor.

We believe in open dialog. Roleplay is predicated on trust, and participants are encouraged to share their concerns frankly and candidly.

We believe in stewardship. Games belong to their players, and each event are given anew to staff that they may oversee and protect them.

We believe in respectful conduct. When participants are invested in the story, impassioned conflicts can ensue, but there is never an excuse for discourtesy.

We believe in fellowship. It is the responsibility of all participants to foster an environment in which discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated.

We are Red Feather Roleplaying. Our spirit is refreshed. Please, come play with us.

The Red Feather Roleplaying Board of Trustees:

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